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TCW provides exclusive solutions for equipping car wash systems and has already fitted out numerous car washes of various ages and types in Germany and abroad. The list of clients include:

  • Akua,
  • Autoequip,
  • Bellanger,
  • California,
  • Ceccato,
  • Christ,
  • DICO,
  • Hanna Car Wash,
  • Holz,
  • IMO,
  • Istobal,
  • Kärcher,
  • Kleindienst,
  • Mr. Wash,
  • Schleicher,
  • Sonny's,
  • WashTec,
  • Wesumat


Several machine manufacturers now offer, especially for new installations, their own equipment fitted with Microvel® washing and drying rollers.

In addition to supplying numerous car wash operators all over Germany, TCW Fulda also supplies large groups of car wash operators, as well as oil companies, fitting out / retrofitting their systems with Microvel® products. These include:


  • Allguth München,
  • Best Carwash,
  • Cosy Wash Berlin,
  • Car Royal Berlin,
  • Mundorf Siegburg,
  • Globus,
  • IMO,
  • Mr. Wash
  • ... and others



Further TCW customers also include the final assembly plants of some well-known car companies and/or their regional plants, such as:

  • BMW: Fulda, Darmstadt, Dingolfing, Offenbach, Frankfurt, Munich,
  • VW: Wolfsburg,
  • Audi: Hungary, Neckarsulm,
  • Daimler Chrysler: Untertürkheim, Sindelfingen
  • ... and others


Waschpark Rheinland in Langenfeld also operates using Microvel® textile.

However, it is not only all over Germany that products from TCW Fulda are marketed, but also abroad throughout Europe and beyond:
  • Belgum,
  • England,
  • France,
  • Netherland,
  • Italy,
  • Korea,
  • Austria,
  • Poland,
  • Switzerland,
  • Slovenia,
  • Slovakia,
  • Spain,
  • Hungary,
  • USA
  • ... and others


At "References" you can find detailed information on many different car washes fitted with Microvel® products. TCW’s field and office-based sales teams will be happy to provide you with the addresses of such sites.

See also the YouTube channel "The Microvel" on the Internet.
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