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To supplement the selection of dryer products TCW has incorporated an additional drying system into its product range.

The fluffy Micro-fleece dryer textile differs in how it works from Microvel® T above all due to its material structure. Its fibrous structure causes the microscopic pearls of water left on the vehicle surface after blow-drying to be broken open and dried. Micro-fleece does not have any water-retaining product core. Moisture absorption takes place on the surface and is less than that of Microvel® T.

Due above all to the visual impact of the soft fibres, Micro-fleece gives car wash customers the impression of particularly gentle, final care being given to their car’s paintwork.

Micro-fleece is used predominantly as drying strips, but can also be used as supplementary material in combination with Microvel® T dryer textile in dryer side rollers.



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