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Microvel® differs in key aspect from other textiles for car wash systems available on the market. Microvel® is not felt, but rather a composite material in which a number of different functional layers are combined together.

The inner functional layer, which is made of synthetic fibres, is very highly compacted and thermally bonded. This gives the washing textile bi-elastic qualities and limits water absorption during operation to 130-160% of the material’s own weight.




The two outer functional layers have a velour-like structure and serve as the washing surface, which during the washing process remove weathered paint residues so that the surface gets smoothed and the paint gleams again. Due to the fine, wear-resistant textile fibres used in Microvel® no material deposits are created on the paint surface nor is there any formation of brush marks or smears.

Thanks to the elasticity and relatively low water absorption, control of washing rollers fitted with Microvel® is easy in all types of car wash systems.


Microvel® creates hardly any mess and is easy to clean.


Microvel® Premium soft enhancement

Launched by TCW in 2010, the Microvel® Premium soft washing textile has been further enhanced and improved. The new generation Microvel® has a finer surface structure. While retaining the same excellent washing qualities, it now provides an additional polishing effect and is significantly quieter as it works on the vehicle during the washing process.


Microvel® washing textile colours

TCW provides Microvel® T in the following colours: emerald green, flame red, sapphire blue and anthracite grey. At you will find relevant colour charts and details of numerous options for fitting the textile to car wash rollers.


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