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Changing car washes from PE brushes to textile washing with Microvel® is trouble-free.

TCW has carried out conversions in many countries on car washes of many different types and age. You find examples under „Technology Pure“.



{vsig_c}0|1_VOR_Umbau_Anlage_in_Buehl_Einfahrt.jpg||BEFORE rebuilding car wash Buehl/Germany - entrance{/vsig_c}{vsig_c}0|2_NACH_Umbau_Anlage_in_Buehl_Einfahrt.jpg||AFTER finished rebuilding car wash Buehl/Germany - entrance{/vsig_c}{vsig_c}0|3_VOR_Umbau_Anlage_in_Buehl_Ausfahrt.jpg||BEFORE rebuilding car wash Buehl/Germany - drive{/vsig_c}{vsig_c}0|4_NACH_Umbau_Anlage_in_Buehl_Ausfahrt.jpg||AFTER finished rebuilding car wash Buehl/Germany - drive{/vsig_c}{vsig_c}0|5_VOR_Umruestung_Anlage_in_Oldenburg_Einfahrt.jpg||BEFORE rebuilding car wash Oldenburg/Germany - entrance{/vsig_c}{vsig_c}0|6_NACH_Umruestung_Anlage_in_Oldenburg_Einfahrt.jpg||BEFORE finished rebuilding car wash Oldenburg/Germany - entrance{/vsig_c}{vsig_c}0|7_VOR_Umruestung_Anlage_in_Oldenburg_PE_Buersten.jpg||BEFORE rebuilding car wash Oldenburg/Germany - Polyethylen rollers{/vsig_c}{vsig_c}0|8_VOR_Umruestung_Anlage_in_Oldenburg_Microvel_Waschwalzen.jpg||AFTER rebuilding car wash Oldenburg/Germany - Microvel® washing rollers{/vsig_c}


Changing to textile vehicle cleaning does not change the direction of rollers. It is only necessary to reduce the speed of the rollers to approx. 75 - 80 U/min.
A complete changeover will take only a maximum of two days.
In conjunction with Schleicher Mechanical Engineering we can carry out many alterations in car washes.
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